Wild  Winged Full Bore Sprintcars return to Redline Raceway Ballarat this weekend, Saturday April 2nd.

It has been a number of years since the big banger Open Sprintcars have raced at Redline Raceway but this coming Saturday will change all that with the running of the SPRINTCAR THUNDER ON THE MOUNT event.

This event is open to all Sprintcars and Redline is hoping for a big turnout of cars.

Redline Raceway Promoter Mick Purdie said “this a meeting we have been talking about for a number of years as we are keen to see open Sprintcars back at the venue and see how they will handle the much improved race track.

Redline prides itself on being the best speedway sedan track in Victoria where the racing on most nights has been 3 and 4 cars wide so it will be interesting to see how the Sprintcars perform given the changes in track shape and surface.”

Over the past years, the Redline Club has undertaken massive change at the venue with the revised track layout and spectator mounds.

This is only just the start; we have further improvements in mind over the coming seasons in an effort to make the venue, one of Victoria’s leading speedways”. Purdie stated.

Redline recently promoted the Australian Street Stock Championship at a record 137 cars competed over 3 days.  The spectacle of all the cars on the track at the one time during the Grand Parade was unbelievable, one that surely won’t be repeated for some time.  This event was a great success and paves the way for bigger and better events at the venue.

Purdie continued by saying ”the committee are looking at staging a number of Sprintcar events at Redline next season, given the venues close proximity to Melbourne and accessibility  via the western highway, Sprintcar events at Redline should provide competitors a significant saving in time and money when compared to travelling all over the state”.

Competitors can nominate by text to 0407 801 513 or email to ray@solomongroup.com.au.

Please provide the following details; name, car number and contact details (Mobile # and/or email address).

Event/Competitor information: See attached.



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