2) NASR Statements at the ACCC Hearing.

Following on from the previous story, If you are not a member of NASR upon purchasing a NASR/Speedway Australia Licence, why did NASR's Mr AcAvaney state the following at the ACCC hearing; "there have been many misinterpretations surrounding the licence and membership of NASR. Mr McAvaney confirmed that a driver becomes a member of NASR once they obtain a NASR Licence"   NOTE; NASR's legal representatives were also present at the hearing! (Read the ACCC minutes of meeting)

3) NASR (Insurance submission).

If you are not a member of NASR upon purchasing a NASR licence, why did NASR  state in their submission that "Current permanent memberships number approximately 7000 nationally, with up to 6000 additional Personal Accident Insurance associated memberships"? (See NASR Document)

4) NASR Memberships response to Ray Solomon.

In March 2004, NASR sent the following response to an enquiry regarding membership.  "Applicants to NASR membership all receive a NASR licence as the two are linked as the NASR licence also acts as proof of Membership" Given the recent advice from NASR re memberships, is this false and misleading? (See NASR Document)

5) Premier Speedway response re One Day Pit Licence.

In February 2011, Premier Speedway sent the following response to an enquiry regarding one day licence/membership.  "You in fact purchased a One Day membership to NASR Inc". (See Premier Speedway document)

6) NASR Inc Rules of Association.....

How does a person become a member of NASR Inc????.  The following is the original set of Rules of Association, there is another set of rules kicking around but the membership clause is substantially the same. See NASR Inc Rules of Association

7) NASR Licence/Membership Form 2004/5

Is it any wonder that people thought they were becoming members of NASR! The attached shows "All Members" at the top of the page and the very bottom of the page refers to "Application for NASR Licence/Membership includes FAS Personal Accident Insurance" (See Licence/Membership form)

8) NASR One Day Membership??????

How can you become a One Day Member of NASR Inc considering the NASR Inc Rules of Association .(see Membership paragraph)????....This is an official Tax Invoice from NASR Inc and I see that I have a membership number (#3589).  If I did become a member of NASR Inc, they should have a membership list identify me as a member and the other 3588 who purchased a One Day Membership before me.  In recent years, the One Day Membership has become a One Day Licence, I wonder why????????  . (See One Day Membership to NASR Inc)

9) "Non NASR" Licences do not affect NASR Public Liability Insurance?

NASR has previously advised the ACCC of the following; "Some tracks elect to require as a condition of participating at their facility that race competitors hold NASR liceneces.... However, this stance adopted by some tracks is not a condition of any arrangement between NASR and track operators for the provision of public liability insurance". (see the ACCC Document).  This then raises the question about pit licences, are they needed and do they affect the NASR PL insurance.  I think not based on PL insurance cover from other providers.

10) NASR Where did all the money go!  (see attached media release)

11)  Response to NASR  (see attached)

12) Media release 30th June 2015 (read More)

13) Adelaide Advertiser Article in 2010  (Read More)

14) Copies of NASR One Day Pit Membership Forms. If you have copies of NASR's One day "Pit Membership forms", please send copies to

15) NASR Refund? If you have paid monies to NASR in the belief that you were becoming members of NASR, you may wish to seek a refund. (See attached Refund Letter)



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